Department of Industrial Instrumentation And Control | TKM College of Engineering Kollam

About the Department of Industrial Instrumentation And Control

The Master’s programme on Industrial Instrumentation and Control was established in the year 2006 under the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The department focuses on producing talented instrumentation and control specialists to meet global industrial challenges. The department, a relatively new branch of engineering, attracts a large number of undergraduate students due to its relevance. The course contains subjects like control system, sensors and transducers, process instrumentation, biomedical instrumentation, robotics, intelligent controllers.

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Message from the Head of Department

Welcome to the M.Tech Industrial Instrumentation and Control Programme. The programme is a Full Time Post Graduate Course with an intake of 24 students in a batch. The course was established in 2006 and was one of the first interdisciplinary course to be introduced in the college. The course with its interdisciplinary nature has produced vibrant students who are well placed in industry jobs as well as academic jobs. Many have turned to researchers as well.

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Area of Research

  • Attitude control of UAVs
  • Bio-Medical Signal Processing
  • Industrial Process control
  • Robust Controller design
  • Industrial Fault Diagnosis
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Wearable interface instruments
  • Quantitative Image Detection
  • Predictive Control for Fuel Cell / Electric vehicles