Internship ensures that the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge is bridged. It ensures a smooth transition of a student to a professional

  • Student’s Qualifying Criteria: As decided by the company: (Generally students with no backlogs and CGPA of 7 and above are considered)
  • Identifying the students for internships: Senior advisor / HOD
  • Internship period: 1st June to 31st July every year; Attendance for internship beyond this period need to be availed through special duty leave
  • Internship will be promoted in the order:
  • Internship with Scholarship
  • Internship in Foreign University / IITs/IISC
  • Full time internships (on site)
  • Virtual / Remote internships
  • Internship requirements received at CGPU will be directed to departments
  • Selection of the students should be based on the prescribed Internship Notification Form (INF) of the college given by the company. (INF available in the college website)
  • If a student gets an internship offer from a company he/she will not be allowed to appear for any other company’s selection process during that semester.
  • If any student refuses an internship offer by a company, his/her further requests for internship will not be entertained by the college.
  • During internship, if he/she does not comply with the rules and regulations of the company, or fails to complete the internship, his /her further requests for internship will not be considered by the college in following semesters.
  • Senior advisor / HOD should nominate a faculty member as Internship Supervisor for all the students undergoing internship in a company.