Rules and Regulations

1  Students seeking jobs are to register for campus placements with CGPU at the end of 6th Semester / beginning of 7th Registration in CGPU needs to be done ONLY by those students who are interested in getting placements in companies through campus drives.
2  Students having backlogs are not eligible to register for placement in CGPU unless a company demands for such students.
3  Students have to submit the registration form to CGPU, certified and signed by the Sr. Advisor and counter signed by the HOD. A registration fee of Rs. 600 should be remitted along with the registration form.
4  Once the CGPU registration is over, students need to apply for each drive/training programmes specifically for sitting in the placement/training organised by CGPU. Attendance is mandatory for all programmes organised by CGPU.
5  Students who apply for a placement drive of a company have to undergo all the formalities prescribed by CGPU and the company. Any student who abstains from the drive after applying for it or who withdraws in the middle of any selection process will be disallowed from any of the placement related activities of CGPU thereafter.
6  Students who have been offered jobs by companies have to pay 1% of their highest CTC (Cost To Company) as CGPU donation, subject to a maximum of Rs. 10000/-.
7  It may be noted that students who have secured job through off campus or Internship leading to placements with the help of CGPU or through CGPU also need to pay 1% of their CTC as CGPU donation.
8  CGPU follows single job offer policy. Student can apply for any number of companies till he/she selected by a company. However a student can avail for the dream job option in a company of his/her choice. Once a dream job offer is received he/she will not be permitted to sit in any of the subsequent drive.
9  Students are not expected to discuss or disclose any policy related matters of CGPU with the companies visiting TKMCE campus for placement drives or Training programmes.
10  The decisions taken by CGPU will be final and reserves the right to revoke or modify the same.
11  Anybody defaming the institution’s name will be deregistered from CGPU and any further placement activities. The matter will be immediately reported to the respective HOD and the Principal.