As per the regulations of Kerala Technological University, the college has constituted DAC in the year 2015 for maintaining discipline and decorous behaviour among the students. Any act of indiscipline, misbehaviour and unfair practice in examinations shall be viewed seriously. Any such incidents observed or reported by the faculty or invigilator shall be reported to the Principal and the Principal shall refer it to DAC. On the basis of the report and the evidence, DAC shall immediately initiate an enquiry. The concerned student get a chance to explain his/her case in front of DAC. Based on the findings of enquiry the committee shall recommend the course of action in line with the guidelines formulated by the Controller of Examination of the University. This shall be forwarded to the Principal for action. In the case of University examinations, the report of DAC and action taken by the Principal shall be intimated to the Controller of Examination.

Details of Disciplinary Action Committee (DAC) reconstituted with effect from 06/03/2020 is given below.

Sl.No. Name Designation Responsibility
1 Prof. Hashim V Associate Professor (ME) Chairman
2 Prof. Asha Raveendranath Associate Professor (EEE) Member
3 Prof. Preetha Basu Associate Professor (ECE) Member
4 Dr. Manu J. Pillai Associate Professor (CSE) Member