1. Holistic Student Mentoring System :

TKM College of Engineering distinguishes itself through a comprehensive student mentoring system. Each group of 30 students is assigned a dedicated faculty advisor, ensuring robust support and guidance. This system promotes strong teacher-student relationships, characterized by regular interaction and support that extends to personal matters. Faculty members are well- acquainted with the family backgrounds of their students, fostering a deep sense of community and personalized mentorship within the campus.

2. Extensive Financial Support for Needy Students :

The college places a high priority on financial aid for students in need, offering multiple forms of support:

Merit-cum-Means Scholarship : This scholarship, funded by contributions from the monthly salaries of college staff, is awarded to deserving students, ensuring financial barriers do not impede academic pursuits.

Endowments and Additional Scholarships : Retired faculty and alumni have established various endowments and scholarships, providing further financial assistance to students.

Internship and Conference Support :Financial backing is available for students undertaking internships or presenting papers at internationally recognized universities and conferences, encouraging academic and professional growth. Over the past five years, more than 500 students have benefited from these initiatives, with grants exceeding 80 lakhs.

3. Commitment to Societal Responsibility :

TKM College's commitment to societal welfare is evident through numerous humanitarian activities led by students, faculty, and management in collaboration with professional organizations:

'Back-to-Home' Project: In response to the devastating floods in Kerala in 2018 and 2019, the college community united to construct 16 houses for those who lost their homes, with a total expenditure of Rs.1.12 crores.

'Back-to-School' Project: This initiative ensured that children affected by the floods could return to school by distributing thousands of school kits and providing additional monetary and technical support. These efforts exemplify the college's dedication to community service during crises.

4. Physical Education and Overall Development :

TKM College places significant emphasis on physical education as a means to foster overall student development. The physical education programs are designed to improve students' motor abilities, encouraging them to adopt healthy and active lifestyles. The department organizes a variety of intramural and extramural activities that help students manage mental stress and develop physically active, ready-for-life personalities. These programs contribute to the holistic development of students, balancing academic rigor with physical well-being.

5. Institutional Achievements and Milestones :

Historical Legacy: Established in 1958 by Janab Thangal Kunju Musaliar, TKM College of Engineering has a long-standing tradition of excellence in engineering education, emphasizing both academic and community service.

Recognition: The college received top honors in the 2021 INDIA TODAY rating for value-for-money education.

Largest Student Intake in Kerala: TKM consistently attracts top talent, facilitated by its effective advisory system and nurturing environment.

Global Alumni Network: With 18 chapters worldwide, the alumni network actively supports the college's initiatives, such as the 'Back to Home' project, which has been recognized by the United Nations.

Academic Excellence: Annual events like the merit evening celebrate student achievements, while the Career Guidance and Placement Unit reported 824 placements in 2022.

Autonomy and Affordable Education: Achieving autonomy status and maintaining a commitment to affordable education, TKM admits students from the Kerala government's rank list at a nominal fee, ensuring accessible quality education for all.

Through these concerted efforts, TKM College of Engineering upholds its legacy of excellence and service, fostering an environment that promotes academic achievement, physical well- being, and societal responsibility.