1. Student Mentoring System :

A robust student mentoring system with one faculty advisor for a group of 30 students is one of the key features of this institute. The teacher-student relationship is excellent in the campus. Students very much interact with faculty and faculty support their students even in their personal needs and affairs. The faculty members are very much aware of even the family details of their students.

2. Financial Support for Needy Students :

The financial support given to the needy students of the college is another different aspect of this college. There is Merit-cum-means scholarship given for deserving students of the campus. The fund for the Merit-cum-means scholarship is developed exclusively from the contribution from the monthly salary of every staff of the college. There is Endowments/Scholarships also instituted by retired faculty and alumni of this college. Students are encouraged and are financially supported for undertaking Internships and participating/presenting papers at Internationally acclaimed Universities/Conferences too.

3. The Responsibility and Commitment to the Society :

The responsibility and commitment to the society is another highlight of this institute. Humanitarian activities are undertaken by the students and faculty of all Departments in collaboration with TKM Management and various professional organizations. The real value of institutional extension activities was tested during the difficult times of the great floods in the Kerala state and during the CoViD-19 pandemic. ‘Back-to Home’ Project and ‘Back-to-School’ Project are examples of such initiatives during the difficult time of flood in 2018 and 2019. As a part of the ‘Back-to-Home’ Project, the management, faculty, students and alumni joined hands to construct 16 houses amounting to an expenditure of Rs.1.12 crores for the most needy who had lost their dwellings in the massive floods of 2018 and 2019. The ‘Back-to-School’ Project was another notable extension activity after the flood. The ‘Back-to-School ’ Project initiated by the college was meant to ensure that no child drops out of school due to loss of books and stationery during the floods. Thousands of school kits were distributed to needy school students in the areas worst affected by the floods. This was in addition to the other monetary and technical help rendered by the TKMCE community.