The members of the committee are listed below :
  • 1 . Dr. Ajukumar V N (Dean, Student Affairs)
  • 2 . Dr. Udayakumar J.
  • 3 . Dr. Rajesh Kumar T. J.
  • 4 . Prof. Maneesh Rasheed
  • 5 . Prof. Ahamad Vazim K. A.
  • 6 . Prof. Shan S.
  • 7 . Prof. Anantha Padmanabhan N. K.
  • 8 . Mr. Haney S. F.
  • 9 . College Union Chairman
  • 10 . College Union General Secretary

The Student Affairs and Activity Committee is committed to support the academic and personal development of the students. Its primary objective to ensure a peaceful and productive environment in the campus and hostels. The committee under a Dean (student Affairs) frames policy in the best interests of the institute and promotes welfare of the students by acting as a coordinating body between administration and students. It also empowers all student bodies to carryout its duties and responsibilities in a healthy and positive way in conformance with institute vision.